Saturday, October 13, 2007

On the way home

from TV this morning I started thinking that maybe I should try to do stand up, since, well wait, I should back up. The other night after Red Eye, Jim, whose full name is "Jim in audio," because that's how he introduces himself into the earpiece before telling me I have to move my hair because it's hitting the mic, asked me if I'd done stand up recently. I said no, and that he was confusing me with Julia Allison who I think did some kind of something or other recently. He said that he was pretty sure he wasn't because she wouldn't do stand up and I said I know, but I think she did, and then he asked if I was sure I didn't and I said I was sure but I really should because it seems like something I would do, right?

Did you possibly follow that? I barely did. Anyway, on the walk home which was quite cold I might add, I started thinking of jokes for a stand-up routine and I think they were maybe funny but then I came home and took a nap and now that I'm remembering them, I don't know if they're really funny. Or maybe I'm already jaded. I mean, I appreciate humor, I just don't think it's funny. I mean, I get what I'm trying to do there, I can see the effort, but I'm not going to pretend with myself because that's not what I look to myself for. I mean, don't get me wrong, me, I think it's amusing, I just don't know if I'm going to laugh. I mean, it's not that I've heard it before, because I certainly haven't, but I've heard similar, or if not similar, well, funnier. Not that it's always about humor, sometimes it's about being funny. Which I am. Just not, well, in that way.


Anonymous said...

That just made my head spin like the girl on the excorsist. I've re-read a few times, I still can't make heads or tails of what you Must be part of your mystique. Have a jolly weekend!!

Michael. "the trend setter."

electron john said...

I dunno what to tell you. I can't do stand-up. I'm too lazy. In fact, I'm sitting down right now.

Anonymous said...

i would fully support and follow any attempts you make in stand up

Jeremy said...

See, that was exactly like one of David Brenner's stories when he was on Red Eye last week. So you're more than qualified to be a stand up comic.

Seriously though, you're more than funny enough and have a quirky delivery, which is all you need. Back in college, we'd get a stand up comic every week or so (usually the lower tier ones like Henry Cho or guys who juggle). And you're much funnier than them, at least based on your Red Eye appearances.