Monday, October 08, 2007

I'll be on Red Eye tonight

What's delightfully last-minute-esque and smells an awful lot like awesome? It's the fact that I'll be on Red Eye tonight for the second half of the show. Cancel your 2am plans and make these ones instead. I'll be following Ann Coulter. Because she refused to follow me. (It's conceivable that I made that up).


spaceagent said...

Alison, what was the intro you had for Greg last night? I can't for the life of me remember it, although I know it involved vomiting :o)

I'm glad Ann Coulter could only be on for half the show. As most guys would agree, a little Alison is better than a lot of Ann!

Spaceagent (aka Joe)
Burlington, VT

Anonymous said...

I am a huge Ann Coulter fan. However, she seemed out of her element. She seems to thrive on hostility. That's not necessarily a bad thing. I saw her on 3 different programs last night. It was a little over-kill. I thought Greg was a little rough at the beginning when he said something along the lines of the pie in the face remark. He seemed a little angry. I vote for this to be on your next body language segment. Just a suggestion.


al said...

You did your usual outstanding Job and looked HOT!, even with the crap lighting last night.
Moses Lake, WA

alison said...

thanks! the intro you're asking about was this: "Thanks Greg, if jokes were lunch I'd put my finger down my throat and throw you up. (because I'm on a diet)."