Monday, September 17, 2007

Today's TONYblog 1 Thing

I feel dizzy.

You could do worse than seeing A Camp and Craig Wedren tonight, especially if you're familiar with the way former Shudder to Think frontman Wedren has gone on to do the scores of a number of TV and movie things often involving The State and Stella guys. Speaking of doing worse, Rush is playing tonight, and while I'm in no way beating up on the Canucks, I personally can't go because of what happened last time I saw them. Trip down memory lane with me? I call shotgun.

So there I am in high school at the Rush and Primus concert with a fellow goober and I'm having a decent time, but for some reason I'm extra-exhausted and have to sit down about halfway through, which is a shame because my style of concert dancing in my chair is not to be missed. That night I go home and sleep but…

—wait, I interrupt this not very compelling story to say that I just got a huge blast of Noxzema. Does someone use Noxzema in this office? Wow, very piney. Now everyone around me is noticing it. Kate thinks it's sage. Michael wants it to be some kind of pricey Aveda product. Apparently I've rained on their parade by likening it to Noxzema. Howard also thinks it's piney "and refreshing." It's not Dustin's oatmeal. I think I've offended him.—

Anyway, so after the Rush concert I go home and go to sleep and at some point that night I come down with some crazy flu and have a series of sickly fever dreams in which I think I'm still at the concert and people are all crowding around me trying to get by, and no matter where I stand I have to keep moving to make room for them, and I wake up in a sweat, tossing and turning with "The Big Money" in my head. Like the effect of smelling tequila on anyone who's ever gotten sick from it, the sound of "The Big Money" now makes me ill. Also, Noxzema.


Heidi said...
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Heidi said...

Hi Alison:
Are you the author who wrote the TONY article Single Minded? If so, what are you doing to celebrate National Singles Week? I hope you will come to the Swish aka Single Women in Search of Happiness happy hour event on Sept 20, 7pm at Madame X. It's sure to be a fun time!

Hope to meet you.