Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Today's TONYblog 1 Thing

Iambic pentameter? I'm not into Satan, thank you very much.

Alfresco is really the best way to enjoy Shakespeare, with the possible exception of al dente or, if you're feeling funky, in a class called something like "From [Name of Tragedy] to [Name of Tragedy]: The Tragedies of William Shakespeare." I took such a class in college which, despite my dewy face and general youthful demeanor, was some time ago, and so I can say that the plays really hold up. I mean, I read them when they were current. We'd pack up a saddlebag of tomatoes to throw at the players and then the town crier would lob a stone tablet with the address through our thatched firmament and then off we'd go, leaving the women and children behind. But I loved the theater so much that I bound my breasts and pretended to be a boy so I could throw tomatoes in the round. It was very Yentl meets Shakespeare in Love meets The Crying Game meets Tomatoes. What am I trying to say? Well firstly that tomatoes are a fruit, not a vegetable, and secondly that you should go see Shakespeare.

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