Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New York smelled good today

like laundry and flirtation. sadly I think that might have been drakkar. it's weird how high school informs so many of your associations. but it felt very potentially-exciting-in-a-back-to-school-way, which is in stark contrast to the way New York usually feels around this time of year which is stagnant and like death and melting cassette tapes in the back of a car. actually it didn't feel exciting, because it's hot and gross, but it smelled exciting. this is why I get paid the small bucks to be a writer.


Eddie said...

I am not sure how flirtation smells, but the others I can relate to in a major way. I also want to thank you for reminding me about the cassette tape, I had a Bell Biv Devoe tape in my car that would have be toast. I mean, is there anything better than "That girl is Poisoooonnnn."

The only reminiscent thing that I could do without is bourbon and cigars, I mean, did mom really have bounce me on her knee while drinking a fifth and smoking a stogie? Don't worry, she only dropped me a few times. Butter your toast (not taking off like I thought it would, so I need you help me out with this one or a new one).

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