Friday, August 31, 2007

Goodbye mouse

So I'm too lazy to recount this whole story but I feel an urgency in posting it because I know you're hanging on every twist and turn so I'm just going to reprint an email I sent to someone about it.

Dear [Redacted],

(note: I actually have a friend whose name is "[redacted]". I thought it was weird too, especially the brackets.)

This morning I found the mouse in my shower! I grabbed a trash can and trapped it in the overturned can. Then I put a bunch of shampoo bottles and anything else I could find nearby on top of the trash can for fear the mouse would somehow get out. Then I worried those bottles weren't heavy enough so I put stacks of books on top of it along with a box of bills and crap. Then I called the super. He came and wet the mouse with water by filling the tub and then he flushed the little guy down the toilet. The image of the little thing swimming as fast as it could while circling the bowl is haunting me. I have mouse blood on my hands. And mouse poo in my shower.
So, yeah. Anyone know how to remove a tiny chalk outline of a mouse from their shower?


Peter Parker said...

You know, they say the best way to get over an old mouse is to get under a new one. Oh wait, wrong line but these are the tails of mice and men. I know, that was horrible, it was a shot.

Great job on Red Eye last night, and I would definitely have to say that you are "The" fan favorite. Just a couple questions, who is emailing you and if you could be a tree what kind of tree would you be? Feel free to substitute tree with shirt.

Good luck with the mice, just put a little crime scene tape around his murder spot and go on, you will be fine.

bissell said...

that is a sad image of the mouse trying to stay afloat in the toilet as it drained.
i like your blog though. do you ever make it to seattle?
check out my bloggy if you feel like it