Thursday, July 12, 2007

Red Eye tonight

Hello. I like what you've done with your hair. Should you be near a television set or recording device at 2am on the east coast and 11pm on the west coast please tune in to the Fox News channel to see me talk about important breaking news that may be neither important nor breaking. Plus, surprises!*

*there might not be surprises

Oh, also, there's a new 1 Thing vlog at

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Anonymous said...

Hey Alison. I saw Red Eye one night and have become a fan of the show, and I must say of all the women they have on you are by far the most stunning, and you actually have a clever wit as well.
I'm a young good looking guy, but seeing such likable women on tv makes me feel lame. I could never try to get to know them without seeming like some creepy stalker or something, you know? I guess the sweetest honey is loathsome in its own deliciousness eh? Heh, well I just wanted you to let know I enjoy your segments and also complain about you being so darn likable.