Saturday, July 16, 2005

As a Woman

of a certain age, having consorted with a decent number of men, which is really just an excuse to use the word "consort" because it's funny, I find that I now have a series of anecdotes rippling through my brain, conjured by god knows what, and whereas I used to know with whom each story was linked, I suddenly find the mental filing in disarray and all I know is that someone lifted a car off his friend and I can't remember who. Other stories which have no home? I can't remember. I made a list in my head on the plane but as previously mentioned, things in my head are getting jumbled. One day I'll wonder who made a list in their head on the plane. But anyway, if you're reading this and care to claim that story, do so, because it's fucking driving me fucking nuts that I can't remember anything other than a vague image of someone lifting a car off his friend and possibly having been the one to run over his friend too. Also scary? For all I know I heard this in high school and for all I know I heard it a few weeks ago.

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