Friday, June 17, 2005


on the news this morning the anchors started dancing to the drummers from the Family Drum Circle which is an event I was talking about and first I stood there uncomfortably/comfortably and smiled as one who doesn't dance will do when surrounded by sudden dancing but then one of the anchors whispered ferociously DANCE! and so I did some retarded dance while trying to affect a look on my face of "I don't really dance yet I"m dancing which is kind of making fun of dancing as opposed to sincerely dancing" which never works since if you're on the dance floor busting out the Roger Rabbit and thinking you're doing an Ironic Roger Rabbit, really you're just a douchbag, not that I did the Roger Rabbit, and can I also say that my sister actually told me some months ago that I "have no dancer's intuition" when she was trying to show me how to kick my leg up in some way that she was doing which looked fun, so essentially I can't even fidget gracefully, but anyway the media person from the magazine said the dancing wasn't on air however IT SO TOTALLY WAS


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