Sunday, March 27, 2005

round sentient being

My insatiable public demands more posts and who am I to disappoint? In the meantime, read this about male infertility but know that my very best joke ("frankly, your tighty-whiteys may be strangling your balls") was cut. I should probably tell you about SXSW and how my left ear literally was bleeding when I got back, not from hearing so many bands or slamming drugs into my ear canal or doing anything hardcore and extreme, but from pushing an ear plug in too far I think, which is like hitting yourself in the head with a helmet or twisting your knee while putting on a knee pad or scratching the fuck out of yourself whilst putting on a straightjacket. The point though, is that I'm going to continue this dumb 8 ball conceit because actually I am one to disappoint.

Q: Are you a magic 8 ball?
A: Yes definitely.

Q: Am I a magic 8 ball?
A: Don't count on it.

Frankly, I'm speechless.


Anonymous said...

Once again, we say this: You are brilliant.

We miss you in Fresno.

alison said...

wow! I didn't realize my reign of dazzlement reached Fresno. And why shouldn't it really? But really, thanks! who are you?