Saturday, December 11, 2004

now with more employment!

Hello darlings. I'm sorry I've been so abusive boyfriend/absentee parent who always says they're going to take you somewhere fun to make up for all the shit but then disappears again, it's just that I've started my new job as music staff writer at Time Out New York which leaves little time for anything other than pondering the best way to get across town. Seriously, I can't figure it out. The bus is frustratingly slow. The walk is do-able but a little daunting if I'm carrying anything which at this point I am each day. I also, I dropped the M. For now. And finally, now that I have a job, all these other jobs are materializing. It's both flattering and incredibly maddening since I've been basically nervously pacing back and forth in my apartment for two and half years wondering if moving to New York was a mistake and feeling like a sham and now suddenly it's all coalesced. Where were you, jobs? But lest my description of my first 2.5 years in New York shatters your impression of my glamorous New York City lifestyle know that while pacing nervously my lip gloss looked incredible and oh, my hair!

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