Saturday, October 02, 2004

Pretension: An Explanation

So I have this stupid M. in my name which stands for Michelle. I could explain why I suddenly started using it in my byline but that's a longer story for another day. At some point, like oh, say, immediately after I started using it, I began to regret it, because frankly I would have made fun of myself behind my back, if I weren't me, because come on! And also, when I sign my name or say who I am I never know whether to include the M. or not (in work-related correspondence) because the fear that keeps me up at night (not to be confused with the construction across the street that keeps me up at night) is that a potential employer would google search my name and find a handful of stories I wrote years ago, before the M., instead of the assload of ones I've written since. And also, there are quite few other Alison Rosens, some of them, it seems, involved in music, and they're not me! BUT: I recently dropped the M. in a few magazines which signals my move towards unburdening myself of the albatross that is my middle initial. Also: me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me interesting to me me.


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