Sunday, July 04, 2004

Upcoming Posts Will Include

The Brooklyn Speech, which is delivered by people who've moved to Brooklyn and can't believe how much they love it because they thought they were going to miss Manhattan but blah blah blah, best of both worlds, blah blah, bike riding, yadda yadda yadda, know the deli guy's name etcetera parks et al.

The I Just Love All Women Speech, which is delivered by guys curiously driven to announce that they just love woman in general, all kinds, ever since they were kids, and there's just something about women they love, they way they smell, the way they move, the way they sound, etc.


Anonymous said...

So where these Speeches at? I was looking forward to them, as I'm a Manhattanite who doesn't even know which subways run to Brooklyn and I REALLY love girls -- so much so that I actually kinda hate dudes. Especially the way they smell.

alison said...

I know, Anonymous! I'm a tease. I promised speeches and haven't delivered. I will though. Who is this anyway? Announce yourself I say.