Friday, July 30, 2004


Tonight I saw Comets on Fire and Sunn0))) (I have no idea if that's really how they spell their name, it's some aggravating combination of letters and punctuation. This just in: that is how they spell their name!) at the Knitting Factory. While I could review the music, I think my words would be better used reviewing the smell of the show: ripe with a musky gamey funk I haven't enjoyed since riding public transportation in Europe. About two-thirds of the way through Comets on Fire the scent suddenly turned decidedly skunky and acrid and I looked around to see whether someone was burning something hydroponic but I didn't see anything of the sort leading me to the sad conclusion that I was just smelling the same smell I'd been smelling before, and maybe it was fermenting. Overwhelmed, I stepped outside, thus reducing the show's female population by 50 percent.

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